How to Help Your Content Team to Have Better Ideas


How to Help Your Content Team to Have Better Ideas

What is the best way to drive the best content ideas, great results, and see phenomenal success as a team? Try this six-step framework.

How To Come Up With Content Ideas For Social Media

Coming up with content ideas is a daunting task for some. But is there an easy way to come up with content ideas for social media? In this video, I’ll show you just how to do that!

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Loral Langemeier

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:42 How To Come Up With Content Ideas
01:25 How To Create The Content
02:17 Biggest Tip On Social Media Posting
02:51 How To Set Goals For Social Media Content
03:34 What Type Of Goals To Set
05:10 How To Grow Your Channel
05:35 Which Social Channel To Post On
07:42 How To Create A Content Calendar
09:34 How To Publish Content
10:53 Where To Ask Questions

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How To Create A Content Strategy For Social Media

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Get Content Ideas From Your Sales Team

Do you struggle coming up with content ideas? One great way to fix this is to answer any questions your customer has.
Now who knows your customer better than anyone? Your sales team! Your sales team are the ones that are constantly getting all kinds of questions from sales prospects. This means they have tons of knowledge on what exactly your buyers are looking for.
In this video Terrence talks about why you should always be consulting with your sales team for content, and more!

​​0:00 Introduction
0:46 Why Should Sales and Marketing Teams Work Together
2:21 Build A Revenue Team
3:13 Conduct Blog Post Sessions
3:45 Watch Party
4:11 Identify Accurate Buyer Personas
4:53 Outro
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How To Build A Content Team

If you’re just starting out, usually you’re content team is a team of one. The goal is to make your content team, a team of many, right?

Usually building a content team comes into several phases depending where you are in your business. In this video I talk about how to build a content team.

Where are you in that journey? Are you a team of one or a team of many? What has worked well for you with building out these teams?

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A Content Strategy That Helps Artist Create Endless Content

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