13 Things You Need to Include in SEO Contracts


13 Things You Need to Include in SEO Contracts

SEO contracts should cover the essential components of your services. They should be thorough and realistic. Here are 13 key elements your SEO contract should include.

Reflection questions to help you avoid making CX mistakes all over again

Within the natural cycles of any business, there are times that offer a chance to review, reflect and recharge. The mid-year is certainly one of those times.

After these unpredictable, unprecedented years, it’s tempting to skip reflection and just hang on for the ride.

But you? You’re awesome. You can do more than just hang on.

So let’s get started together with five of the questions I ask our clients when it’s time to reflect.

00:00 Welcome and Topic Introduction
03:07 The Benefits of Reflection for CX Goals
06:13 Five CX Questions to Help You Reflect
06:44 What was the top priority for our CX goals?
09:09 What was the best thing we heard from customers?
11:00 What was the best business outcome we achieved?
13:05 What was the worst thing we heard from customers?
15:05 Did we improve or change the customer’s journey for the better?
17:25 Recap of Key Points
17:59 Especially if it’s difficult, a periodic review is a good exercise for CX leaders.
19:52 Q &A: How often should our CX team meet with other departments to strategize?
23:41 Q &A: How do you work out ties when picking out top CX priorities?
26:51 Q &A: Recommendations for encouraging the collection of critical feedback?
31:53 Wrapping Up & Where to Find Us

Resources Mentioned:
�� Get a year of free Customer Experience Resources – https://www.YearofCX.com
�� Download the free CX Success Statement Workbook — https://bit.ly/cx-success-workbook
�� Reserve your free CX Prioritization Guidebook: https://bit.ly/cxpriority
�� Download the free SMIRC Goals Checklist — https://bit.ly/smirc-checklist
�� Download the free CX Charter Guidebook — https://bit.ly/cxcharter
�� Get the CX Leaders’ Reflection & Planning Questionnaire — https://bit.ly/cxquestions

A Local SEO Audit to Boost Church Website Rankings

As a church, doing a regular local SEO audit is vital to ensure that your local community can find you online. Whether they’re looking for an electrician or a church, people’s first step is to pull out their phones and do an internet search.

So will your church pop in those search results? Unfortunately, having a pretty website is not enough to ensure you’ll show up on page one of Google.

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing your church’s website for local search results, and technical know-how is becoming increasingly important with 1.17 billion websites in the world.

Even if you’re not a digital marketing expert, you can boost your church website’s Google rankings with this local SEO audit checklist.

#localseo #churchmarketing #onlinechurch #churchonline

0:00 – Should We Do A Local SEO Audit?
1:32 – What is Local SEO for Churches?
10:25 – NAP Consistency
13:44 – Google Business Profile
16:33 – Reviews and Testimonials
19:00 – Directories and Citations
20:46 – site speed
23:58 – On-Page SEO

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What is Local SEO for Churches?
By auditing your site regularly, you can ensure it’s visible on local search engine results pages (SERPs), which will ultimately help you reach more people in your community.

Here’s a sobering statistic: 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of Google.

This means you need a basic understanding of local SEO to optimize your site so you can appear on the first page of local search results.

And if you want to take things a step further, aim for the top three local listings, known as the local pack (also called the Google 3 pack of the Google Map pack)

The local pack is the area on a SERP that displays three local businesses related to the searcher’s query. It includes the business name, address, and phone number and shows how far away the business is from the searcher’s location.

People are looking for a church within a certain driving distance, so it’s vital that your church shows up on the map, has accurate information, and features good ratings.

How Do Keywords Relate to Local SEO?
According to Google, local rankings are based on three primary factors: relevance, distance, and prominence.

General searches will include results from businesses and websites from all around the world, while local search results show businesses near the searcher. So before diving into the local SEO audit, we want to talk briefly about keywords.

Local keyword searches often include location-based modifiers like “near me,” “close by,” or “in [city].” Some types of keywords you need to be aware of and include in your local SEO strategy are:

Branded or Navigational Keywords: Include your church’s name or a variation of it. For example, “New Hope Church” or “New Hope Baptist Church.”
Local Search Keywords: Searches that include local modifiers like “near me,” “in [city],” or “[city] church.” For example, “churches near me” or “Baptist churches in Fairview.”
Service Keywords: Searches that include what your church offers. For example, “youth group,” “children’s ministry,” or “bible study group in Fairview.”
Generic Keywords: These are the most common local search terms. They’re usually just one or two words and don’t include your church’s name. For example, “churches” or “church.”
Incorporating the right keywords is critical for your on-page optimization strategy.

�� Got A Rank and Rent Lead Generation Business? – Use This Contract And Clauses

�� Got A Rank and Rent Lead Generation Business – Use This Contract And Clauses – https://www.digitallandlordlifestyle.com

Hey Digital Landlords,
I’ve got a great training video for you today. Lead buyer’s are not going to take you seriously unless you have an agreement that puts everything in writing. From the time frame, billing options and lead exclusivity; its all in my LGA (Lead Generation Agreement) – Get your free copy today!

Here are all the sections covered in the “full version” of the contract:
1 – General Provisions –
2 – Term and Termination –
3 – Designated Niche –
4 – Service Areas –
5 – Growth Areas –
6 – Lead Exclusivity – Leads Sold Only To One Party And Lead Buyer Can Not Resell Our Leads
7 – Qualified Billable Leads –
8 – Lead Communication Propriety –
9 – Right To Dispute – When and Why?
10 – Billing Options and Schedule – Flat Fee or Pay Per Lead
11 – Lead And Service Fees – Pre – Paid or Retro Active
12 – Billing Cycle Date – Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
13 – Payments and Fees – When Is the Bill/Invoice Considered Late?, Late Fee Amount, Call Minutes Overage, Early Termination Fee
14 – Pricing – Right To Change Your Prices And When You Can Implement The Change In Accordance With Contract Renewal Dates.
15 – Customer Servicing Expectations – Treat People Right.
16 – Branding – Option To Use Our Brand When Interacting With Customers.
17 – Independent Contractor – This Is Not A Partnership
18 – Third Party Authorization – Don’t Enter Into Contracts On Our Behalf And Vice Versa
19 – Prospective Employee(s) And 3rd-Party Solicitation(s)
20 – Taxation – Pay Your Own Taxes
21 – Modification – We Reserve The Right To Change At Any Time
22 – Confidentiality – Don’t Go Around Quoting Our Pricing, We Can Use The Lead Buyer’s Marketing Information (logos, offers, etc)
23 – Indemnification – We Won’t Be Held Responsible For 3rd Party Law Suits
24 – Creative Control – We Maintain Ownership, Control Of The Domain, Website (how they look) Any Changes Will Always Be Our Right. Secondly We Can Call Your Customers.
25 – Disruption Of Service/Lead Flow – No warranty of amount or quality of leads (slow months). Ability To Charge Even If “Lead Buyer” Doesn’t Accept The Job.
26 – Assignment And Liquidation – Contract Is NOT ASSIGNABLE – However We can sell the contract to another company so long as we give the “lead buyer’ first right of refusal.
27 – Miscellaneous – Describes Language In The Contract And Intention Of Word Choice Interpretation.
28 – Governing Law – What Part Of The Country Does This Contract Law Pertain Too.
29 – Entire Agreement – Signatures Of All Parties.

Enjoy Landlords,

Randall – The Digital Landlord
Website: https://www.DigitalLandlordLifestyle.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedigitallandlord
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedigitallandlord/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_DigitalLord

Don’t Waste Money on Long-Term SEO Contracts

Get our one-time SEO Audit and Content Plan instead. SEO requires a great foundation. With our audit, we do all the work to make sure your website pages are robust with all the right keywords, tags, and other foundational SEO elements. After you have made the recommended SEO changes on a page, any ongoing work should be a mixture of small, on-page optimizations and brand/content-based link-building both internally and externally.

For most small-to-midsize companies with a limited number of pages, ongoing and recurring monthly SEO contracts are simply a waste of money because once the on-page work is done, there shouldn’t be a lot of ongoing work needed unless the company you hire is providing ongoing content development or link-building services.

Indeed, we often hear businesses complain that they are paying $$$ for monthly SEO retainers and not getting any results. Or they wonder what the marketing agency is doing for that money every month. If you need help with content development, we can provide that service, but we certainly don’t do that under the guise of “monthly SEO services” for small businesses as those are mostly a scam.

Learn more here: https://marketingniceguys.com/professional-website-seo-audit-and-content-plan/


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