Volunteer Action Card

Linda Cropp will win this election one voter at a time. And, strong support from individuals like you will make the difference.

What can one person do? Plenty. She is counting on you to spread the word to your relatives, friends, and neighbors. Here are 10 of the most important things you can do right now to help elect Linda Cropp Mayor.

Yes, I will
Add my name to the list of supporters.
Place a yard sign on my lawn.
Host an event in my home so my friends and neighbors can meet Linda.
Attend rallies and events.
Make a donation.
Walk door to door with Linda.
Circulate a Nominating Petition to get Linda on the ballot.
Ask 20 friends to contribute $20 each to the campaign.
Pass out literature at metro stations and bus stops.
Sign up to receive campaign email updates.
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And, remember to vote for Linda on September 12, 2006!

Please check back as we get closer to Election Day for other ways you can help.

Thank you very much for your support!

Linda Cropp



2006 LINDA CROPP for Mayor :: Paid for by the Citizens to Elect Linda Cropp Mayor. Marilyn Tyler Brown, Treasurer.
A copy of our report is filed with the Director of the Office of Campaign Finance.
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