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Remarks on Filing as a Candidate for Mayor on September 7, 2005

Good Morning, Friends,

It's a beautiful day! It's a beautiful day to begin our journey together to the Mayor's office. Thank you for being here!

Today, we stand on historic U Street . Three blocks from Industrial Bank of Washington to which struggling African-Americans came in 1935. They came with their pennies and dollars in paper bags and glass jars to put their trust in the first African-American owned bank in the Nation's Capital.

The country was experiencing the Great Depression. But, these first depositors—second and third generation Americans just 70 years from slavery—came with courage and faith in their ability to shape their own future. Native Washingtonians and newly arrived southerners. They came with pride in the promise of our growing city.

Of course, this is not the same U Street they walked on in 1935. Look around you. Exciting change is everywhere. Today, we walked past The Mocha Hut, Sun On U, and The Islander. Across the street, we saw Madjet and Dukum. These new businesses join our old friends—Lee's Flower and Card Shop, Ben's Chili Bowl, and Duke's Shoe Repair—adding to the vitality and diversity of U Street. We have much to be proud of as a community, and as a city.

But, as John Kennedy once said, “Those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

During the last several months, I have talked with residents in neighborhoods across the city—in Michigan Park , in Anacostia, in Hillcrest, Cleveland Park , Shepard Park , Chevy Chase , and right here in Shaw. And, I talked to many of you.

The people I talked with have the same hopes and aspirations as those early depositors. They have the same dreams for their children. The same dreams my family has for my young grandson. The same desire to make our future better than our present, and certainly better than our past.

People across our city want to feel safe and secure in their neighborhood. They want to work at a job that pays well and provides opportunity for advancement. They want to be able to afford to purchase their own home. And, they want to know their children are receiving a quality education in our schools. They will work hard to achieve their dreams. They want a government that works hard for them—and is accountable to them.

As Mayor, I will build on our economic growth to revitalize neglected communities, improve services and invest in our people.

I want to make sure that the development taking place here and elsewhere around the city includes everyone. Too many of us are still left out of the economic growth. I want to be Mayor to take the next steps to focus our resources in our neighborhoods and invest in our people.

We can restore schools where children can read, write, think and compete with children from anywhere.

We can make our streets and neighborhoods safer.

We can expand affordable housing so all income levels can keep the District as their home town.

We can train the jobless for today's workforce.

We can spread opportunity to women, minorities, local, small disadvantaged businesses and the most needy.

I will bring fairness to government to improve the quality of life for all of us.

Many people told me that I shouldn't take on the baseball league. But, I did. I fought for a better agreement and saved taxpayers millions of dollars. That's the kind of hands-on leadership that I bring. It is time to embrace the future with enthusiasm for its possibilities and with the skill and experience to make our hopes into realities.

Just as those early depositors in Industrial Bank had faith in their ability to shape their future, I have faith in our ability to shape the future of this city. We need hands-on leadership so our government works for all of us, in every neighborhood.

As your Mayor, I will be your fighter ready to do battle on behalf of you, the citizens I represent.

As your Mayor, I will be your champion to include all of us in this great City's revitalization.

As your Mayor, I will respond to your desire, hope, and expectation to create a better D.C.

Today, I announce that I am a candidate for Mayor of the District of Columbia . I ask for your support now and your vote on September 12, 2006.

We will be issuing detailed policy statements on the critical issues facing our City in the coming days. We invite you to work with us.

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