Fighting for voting rights and full democracy

We deserve full democratic rights like every other American, and I will fight vigorously for voting rights for people living in the District of Columbia . I will use the office of mayor to put the national spotlight on this issue and engage other mayors and elected officials, and national leaders in our cause. Most Americans are unaware of the injustice we face, and once informed, stand on our side. I will take every opportunity to personally champion full democracy in the White House, before Congress and with regional bodies. I will join advocacy groups in urging our own citizens to voice their outrage and to take action. It was because of the activism of one citizen that I passed the law to put “taxation without representation” on our license plates. We are the only Americans federally taxed without representation in the federal government.

Our cause is just and nothing less than the rights of every other American will satisfy our drive for self-government. I and my entire administration will be fully engaged in the fight.



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