What Your Neighbors Say About Linda Cropp

“Linda Cropp is the real deal. No other candidate can match her skills, experience, leadership and energetic personality.”

Chris Kohatsu, Logan Circle resident

"I have worked with Linda Cropp for many years since her days on the School Board. She has the credentials to do the job. She understands management, she understands government, and she has good credentials in the field of education. She is prepared to do the job."

Leaford Williams, Michigan Park resident

I’m for Linda Cropp because I know she can get things done. She puts her heart and soul into making our community a better place for all of us.”

Kurt Vorndran, Woodley Park resident

"We all know that Linda Cropp understands the business behind running the District of Columbia. She also understands the importance of people. She treats everyone with thoughtful consideration. She stops and she listens - whether it's the Mayor, a journalist, or an elderly man waiting for the bus - she stops and she listens to what people have to say because she cares."

Monica Miller, Capitol Hill resident

“I support Linda because the City needs experienced leadership. And, she really cares about people.”

Shirley Smith, Woodridge resident

“Time and again Linda Cropp has demonstrated her ability to lead… she is the cream of the crop.”

Ray Sneed, President, DC Firefighters Association, Local 36

“With Linda, we'll not only get a Mayor who is committed to keeping DC on the course of growth and stability, but we also get a leader with a proven record of bringing people together. For me, the fact that she has more experience than the rest of the candidates combined is just the icing on the cake.”

Dominic Sale, Mt. Pleasant resident

“Linda has been there for us when we needed her. She cares about seniors and will look out for us.”

Ruth Cooper, Fort Dupont resident

"Linda Cropp stands for District businesses, ensuring fair and equal treatment, especially to small business owners and first-time entrepreneurs. That's exactly why we stand with her."

Tom McGuire and Mike Watson, owners, Be Bar

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