Putting People First:

Demanding a World-Class Education System for the District of Columbia

As a teacher, mother and grandmother, I understand the importance of a quality education. I sent my two children to D.C. public schools and remain committed to our neighborhood schools.

This campaign is about a vision for the future that improves the lives of the people of District of Columbia . I am running for mayor to build on the progress we've made so we all benefit. With a financially responsible foundation, we have the resources available to invest in our schools, make the changes necessary to improve school performance and better serve our students so they can read, write, think and compete with children anywhere.

I pledge that as mayor I will work with parents, teachers, principals, the School Board and superintendent to get results.

As Mayor, I will:

Provide a learning environment inside and outside the classroom

  1. Provide a learning environment inside and outside the classroom
  2. Demand accountability through all areas of education
  3. Empower parents to hold schools accountable


2006 LINDA CROPP for Mayor :: Paid for by the Citizens to Elect Linda Cropp Mayor. Marilyn Tyler Brown, Treasurer.
A copy of our report is filed with the Director of the Office of Campaign Finance.
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